Friday, August 07, 2009

Local Flavors for Local Foodies

On Thursday night, I did a 5 course dinner for some local foodies. The dinner was called Local Flavors for Local Foodies. Each of the courses had at least 1 ingredient that was locally grown. Some courses had multiple ingredients that were local.

The dinner turned out great! At least I thought it did. I was very pleased with how everything came out. I thought the dessert course could have been a little nicer, but I thought the flavors were there.

Here are some photos and the menu:

1) Local tomatoes and watermelon, many accompaniments

2) Scallops, local corn and bacon ragout, candied hot peppers, corn shoots

3) House cured pancetta wrapped pheasant, local chanterelles, brussel sprouts, pomegranate

4) Local pork belly, Asian slaw, caramelized peanut and chile dressing, tamarind caramel

5) Local peaches and local blackberries, multiple forms


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Nancy Heller said...

This dinner was fabulous! Keep it going, Jeff! I have more photos of the foodon my blog,


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